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Current research on global innovation trends and analysis of economic and geopolitical tendencies of the countries participating in the project.


Promote your business and attract potential clients in countries along the Middle Corridor with our products: book, directory, map, and events.


We attract investments and work with sponsors, foundations and partners.


Discover how The New Silk Road Book promotes sustainability and aims to create a more sustainable future through sustainable infrastructure and environmentally-friendly initiatives in the participating countries


Connect with a diverse network of businesses, organizations, and individuals across the countries of the New Silk Road, and discover new opportunities for collaboration and growth through our platform.


Gain exclusive early access to information on investment projects, tenders, and events featuring key decision-makers by becoming our partner.

Middle Corridor countries attract investments in the New Silk Road  infrastructure to rebuild the Silk Road paths and enjoy the economic benefits in participating in international trade to boost local regional development

The New Silk Road

This developing needs a sustainable standard of Eco-house and cities of Silk Road - Middle Corridor: circular & sustainable construction, waste management & recycling, local organic food supply, low carbon, water sensitive management.

Western modern and proven models and standards of circular and sustainable development that can be applied and used in the cities, regions and countries of The New Silk Road - Middle Corridor.

New Silk Road Book Project

Independent network platform combination of Western technology and innovation and needs of new markets in the New Silk Road - Middle Corridor.

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  • Round table: The Hague City Hall and Dutch sustainable organisations for sustainable development needs of cities, regions and countries of The Silk Road - Middle Corridor.

  • Webinars and seminars: Dutch innovations and solutions for needs of cities, regions and countries of The Silk Road - Middle Corridor.

  • Award The New Silk Road Book: events of presentation of The New Silk Road Book and Gala Dinner for nomination for the best Dutch innovations for The New Silk Road - Middle Corridor countries.


By becoming a partner of The New Silk Road Book, you can benefit from: Access to a vast network of decision-makers and industry leaders in various fields. Exposure to a diverse range of innovative and sustainable practices. Access to exclusive research and surveys that provide valuable insights into the latest trends and practices in the industry. Opportunities to participate in events that foster collaboration and networking among participants of the New Silk Road project. Exposure to potential investors and partners who share your vision and goals.Join us on this journey towards innovation, sustainability, and collaboration.

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